Here’s the abbreviated version of my life story. You can click the links for more details on particular events.

I was born in West Germany (my biological “father” was in the army).  I grew up in Ohio with my mom, REAL (step) dad, and sister (and they all still live 1,800 miles away in Ohio, so we only get to visit occasionally).

I was bullied as a child. During my lonely high-school years some Mormon friends invited me into their community and eventually, I converted.

I went to BYU where was officially diagnosed with ADHD. I met ManDork my second year. We got married exactly four months from the day we met (pretty damn quickly, even by Mormon standards) in December, 2005.

In time I dropped out of my BFA painting and drawing program to start having babies. ManDork graduated with a film degree. Then we high-tailed it out of Utah to the Great White North (even as faithful members, Utah was just too Mormon for us).

ManDork decided to return to school and apply for medical school.

MiniDork was born in December 2008 at the Medicine Hat Hospital. Our doula, Loree, was super awesome throughout the very long, difficult labor.

Then we resigned our membership from the LDS Church.

I officially became a permanent resident of Canada.

Yeti Freddy became a part of my life.

I interviewed for the part-time office manager position at Madchen Studios (and got the gig)! MiniDork went to a great day-home while I was at work.

We helped UncleDork move to Medicine Hat (and into an apartment down the hall from ours).

ManDork did not get into medical school during his first application cycle.

I decided to take a break from blogging to focus on my family and personal life.

We all moved to Calgary into a place we share with UncleDork.

ManDork did not get into medical school during his second application cycle.

I came back to my digital baby, Domestic Dork.

I got knocked up again {on purpose}.

MiniDork started school {preschool, and later kindergarten and elementary in a German immersion program}.

I had MicroDork and it was the birth of my dreams.

Domestic Dork languished again {sorry!} as I adjusted to parenting two Little Daleks.

ManDork got accepted to medical school! Actually, he got accepted to multiple schools, including his top choice, The University of Calgary. He’s about to start his third and final year.

UncleDork moved into his own place {yay! more space for us! BOO. Seeing him way, way, way less}.

My baby turned into a toddler {wait, what? When the hell did that happen?}!

I co-founded Who Phd {because why neglect one blog when you can neglect TWO}!

I decided that the SAHM with no real, creative outlet thing was slowly destroying my soul and came back to this blog. Oh Domestic Dork, why can’t I quit you?

{last updated January 2015}


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