So, what exactly is this blog about?

Everything! In moderation. ;)

OK, for real though. This is not what you would call a niche blog. I post everything I find interesting, humorous, or useful. Sometimes you’ll find craft tutorials, recipes, organizing ideas, and free printables. Sometimes you’ll get stories inviting you to laugh at me and my strangeness. Occasionally you get a heartfelt essay or a soap-box rant. And I like to include truly helpful reviews and legitimately good giveaways whenever I can. My two main blogging priorities are usefulness and humor. So I try to focus on content that will entertain or educate in some way. I also like to point you towards other blogger’s content that is clever or otherwise awesome. I suggest subscribing (in the sidebar) and following along for a while to get a better idea of what sorts of posts to expect. After all, you can always unsubscribe if you find my posts terribly disappointing (but I don’t think you will).

But, to be honest, there are some people who will probably not enjoy some of the things I say on my blog. So, here’s a disclaimer:

I’m a non-theist/pantheist, feminist, and liberal. I follow many attachment parenting philosophies (such as “extended” breastfeeding), but balance my parenting methods with a “mean-mom approach.” I support personal choice in medicine (especially during pregnancy and birth), but we personally choose to trust evidence-based medicine (and evidence-based everything really). I am a straight-ally and will not tolerate any form of homophobia or trans-phobia in the comments. I can be opinionated, but do my very best to keep Domestic Dork a bullying-free zone. If you have a problem with any of this, that’s fine. I’m not interested in trying to please everybody.

Also, I fucking cuss OK?


Where can I read your disclosure policy?

Why, you can read it right here!


Where did you get your fabulous Yeti hat?




<—— Oh, you mean this one?




Yes, I’m very fond of my hat. It used to feature heavily in my blog design {see below}:


It’s from KnitWits. In fact, MiniDork even got a matching one in a kid size as a Christmas gift (because I got tired of her swiping mine). Their newer Yeti design is also super cute. But the older version (the one MiniDork and I have) is still available as of January 2013.


Wait, aren’t you Atheist? Why do you go to Church? Didn’t you used to be Mormon?

Yes. We’re a secular family. We make no secret of our non-supernatural worldview. But yes, we sometimes go to Church (an atheist-friendly congregation). It’s nice to have a community (especially such an inclusive one), and a place for the Little Daleks to make friends. And yes. I used to be Mormon (so did ManDork). You can read more about that under my life story, or in all the gory detail on the now defunct A Marvelous Work and A Blunder Ex-Mormon blog {defunct blog, but good reading}.


Do you still do custom digital illustrations? Will you design my blog?

Yes, and no. But then again, maybe. I will, from time to time, accept a commission to do a custom illustration, blog header, button, or similar project (though my prices for custom artwork have gone up considerably when I realized how ridiculously cheap I was previously pricing my illustrations). I offer no promises on how long work may take, as I have to work on them around my usual mom duties. But you are very welcome to contact me for a quote.  Custom illustrations are $15 an hour, and therefore depend on the design requested. And if I don’t think I can do a certain image to my standards, or just don’t feel like illustrating a particular thing, I won’t. For example…I’m just no good at life-like dogs. Cartoon dogs? Sure. Horses? No problem. People? Great. But ask me to make an avatar for your pooch and I’m utterly useless.

If you have further questions, get in touch. I can also show you examples of previous work.


More questions will be added as necessary. Visit the contact me page if you have any questions of your own.

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