This is me. Hey you. I’m Holly. That’s me over there on the left. That’s no-make-up-me.  That’s awkward-hair-me {because I shaved it less than a year before that selfie was taken and growing it out is a bitch}. But it’s me, The Domestic Dork.

I’m a SAHM to a grade-school girl and a toddler boy. I call them my Little Daleks {or MiniDork and MicroDork}. My spouse {ManDork} is a medical student. I dream about going back to school when he’s finally done with it. Until then I dabble in almost everything {paper crafts, running/fitness, food, reading, writing, art, organizing, sewing, carpentry, music, DIY anything, etc.}.

And I share stuff here when I feel like it.

This blog has gone through a lot of redesigns and cycles of growth and stagnation over the years. When I started I was just trying to keep my long-distance family up-to-date on my life. But a lot changed since then. And a lot of my world-views, opinions, and attitudes changed too.

I’m not who I was when I began.

I believe I’m so much better.

I also believe the best is yet to be.

{You can get my whole life story if you’re interested in that sort of thing.}

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