General Life Update

I think it’s time to recognize that I am just never going to be a consistent blogger here ever again. Everytime I try to recommit to posting on a schedule, I don’t. Clearly my priorities lie elsewhere. But just in case anybody out there actually wants to know what’s been going on in my life, here’s a run-down:

-The school year has started for Big Dalek/MiniDork. We walk to school with her friend/neighbour and she goes to an awesome afterschool program every day (also with the neighbour girl) and her mom and I take turns picking up both girls. It’s going to make a HUGE difference in how much I can get done working from home.

-MicroDork is still too young for preschool so he’s underfoot while I work on the Etsy stuff. He can be a poster boy for the “terrible two” stereotype sometimes, but he usually makes up for it with moments of epic adorableness or heart-melting kindness.

-My vintage trailer renovation is almost done. It’s complete enough that we used it this summer to go to Ohio and Vancouver Island (where I fulfilled the dreams of my inner 8yo and saw wild orcas)! At this point only cosmetic changes and some bonus function additions are left.

-K-9 is friggin’ huge. He is bigger than almost every other dog in our building and he’s nowhere near done growing. Right now he seems to be going through some sort of dog adolescence and can be an asshole sometimes. But we’re still training him and for his age, he is doing really well behaviour-wise. And he’s still adorable and playful and wonderful to snuggle. He’s got this amazing furry tail and butt. I call him Fluffy Butt often.

Me and my giant puppy.

-I’ve been seeing someone who is really wonderful, and exactly the kind of personality I needed in my life. He’s very private online so I won’t be saying much else.

– I have all sorts of thoughts and feelings on my divorce stuff. But I’m just not comfortable talking about my ex online for everyone to see. It seems like a shitty thing to do. And while obviously I have my feelings and opinions there’s always two sides to any story. Anybody who thinks their side is 100% impeachable is fooling themselves.

– My grandmother passed away last month. I’m doing ok, really. She was very adamant that she was ready. And I’m glad she’s not hurting anymore. But it’s sad for everybody who is here to miss her.

I’ve been making more friends here in Calgary (shout-out to the YYC Planner group and my fellow planner addicts)! Honestly, as a whole, my life is going pretty well right now. My depression is under control. My ADD treatment seems to work pretty damn well. My kids are a handful but cute just like everybody’s kids are. I live in a pretty amazing place (just hours from some of the most beautiful places on the planet)! And I’m busy enough to not have time to worry too much about stuff that’s not deserving of worry anyhow.

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