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I fell in love with Dr. Who (as many, many people do). ManDork and I are currently working our way through all the episodes from the ninth Doctor on (we’re on the tenth Doctor right now). And I’ve got some awesome Dr. Who ¬†gifts planned for MicroDork (using TARDIS fabric, TARDIS ribbon, and some iron-on vinyl). OK, if we’re being honest, I’m not sure if you’d really call them gifts for MicroDork…or gifts for myself, but whatever. Mama needs some adorable, geeky baby gear and she’s gonna get it. Well, today I came up with another idea that was not only super easy, but SUPER awesome.

See, York Photo has a special deal going on until February 11th that lets you score unlimited fleece blankets for $20 each (that’s 55% off). Use the code WARMTWENTY and you can make photo collages, love letters you could cuddle up in, etc. Really, the possibilities are endless. And if you’re no good with design, they have templates and clip art available for you. But I designed my own from scratch. I had considered, a week ago, ordering a chevron blanket with MicroDork’s name on it. But I wasn’t in love with it. And if I’m not in love with something, I don’t like to buy it. The idea came to me (as I sat looking at a Hubble print on our wall that I gave to ManDork a few Valentine’s Days ago) that a high-res Hubble image would make an AWESOME baby blanket. ManDork concurred. High-res Hubble images are available free for download, so I decided to go for it…

…But then the idea got even better.

I could totally photoshop the TARDIS onto the image, to make it appear as if the Time Lord’s ship was materializing right there in a beautiful, colorful nebula!

This was pretty much my reaction to my own genius:



So I downloaded this awesome TARDIS png from RAINBOWKILLER6262 on DeviantArt (thanks RAINBOWKILLER!) and got to work editing it, and adding it to my Hubble image selection.

The final product?


Beautiful stars and rainbow-colored space with subtle, geeky eye candy? I’m in love! {Obviously, the actual blanket doesn’t have my watermark on it.}

I CANNOT WAIT for this package to arrive! I’m seriously geeking out over here.

And, because I love you people, and I love the Doctor, I’m sharing my file with the Internet in case anybody else wants to order one for themselves or a loved one. You can download the full-resolution image, sans Domestic Dork watermark, (which is already cropped to fit the basic fleece blanket size on York) by clicking this link:


Just right click and “save as” to save the file to your own computer. Then you can upload it to York Photo, with my blessings, for personal use only. Do not be one of those assholes who takes free content and tries to make a profit from somebody else’s work. Everybody else hates people like that.

But, remember, the big blanket discount expires February 11, 2013. So…


2 Responses to Dr. Who TARDIS Blanket

  • Nugget says:

    Love it! So creative! :) I hope it is ok to use as the wallpaper on my screen for a while, because, “That’s Brilliant”. :) Thank you

    • DomesticDork says:

      It’s my wallpaper right now too. :)

      I set ManDork’s wallpaper up with rotating screen-grabs of the Weeping Angel footage. Spooked him real good. Mwa ha ha ha ha!

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