Have You Missed Me?

Well, I’m not back, not really.

But you can read an update on our family here: http://theshumates.blogspot.ca/

And you can follow my new blog here: http://www.hookedonlovely.com

I am toying with the idea of reviving Domestic Dork. But be patient. If I do, it will be a while yet.

Hope life is treating you all well! I have to say, I miss you guys.


One Response to Have You Missed Me?

  • Kami says:

    I kind of gave up on blogging because I figured FB did a good enough job of updating, and I uploaded most of my pictures there. I ought to write more … (like the things I’ve learned from reading ingredients labels at the grocery store) … anyway. I hope you update your blog; it will be fun to e-stalk you again. :)

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