Traveling is always more work than I expect it to be…which is part of the reason the Proactiv winners have not yet been announced. They have been chosen, and their info sent to the contest coordinator. And don’t worry, I’ll announce them soon, very soon.

Traveling threw me off the Proactiv routine for a little while. It was interesting to observe my skin when that happened. For a little while my acne was worse than before I started using Proactiv at all. So, note to all, follow the routine religiously!

In other news, Lucy is TWO now. Two. Two whole years. I wish I had half the energy she’s got. She’s as cute as ever and talking up a storm. And we hit the WHO 2 year nursing minimum mark! It was a personal goal of mine so I’m very happy to have reached it.

In addition to being two years old Lucy now sleeps all by herself. What the what?! What happened to the little baby who slept by my side all night? As much as I might miss my nocturnal snuggle bug I’m happy for her. She’s growing more and more independent. And to celebrate that independence she’s getting her very own big girl bed, and big girl bedroom; a bedroom I’ve been planning for over a year, a Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds room.

Oh yes.

It will be all kinds of adorable. The adorable-ness will be EPIC.

Here’s a sneak peak:

SUNUP HereComes lucydiamonds

These prints will be hung on the wall as 8x10s. Each one is taken from a Beatles song that I’ve always associated with Lucy, and that have a sky theme. I’m trying to decide if and how I want to share these designs. Part of me wants to be selfish and not make them available for download at all so they’re one-of-a-kind for Lucy. Part of me wants to offer them for sale. And part of me wants to just say “screw it” and offer them for free. What do you think?

Other projects I’ll be working on feverously in the next 10 days or so (before heading back to work) include an i-spy quilt, lots and lots of super fun pillows, wall decals, and…well…how about I just show you when (if?) I get it all finished?

One more thing before I close, if you’d like to see our family’s Christmas newsletter you can view it here. There’s more family photos from our recent session and they’re super cute.

See you next year! ;)


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