Ice {Cream} Ice {Cream}, Baby!

There really isn’t a decent ice cream place in Medicine Hat, unless you like soft serve…which barely qualifies as ice cream. Having moved here from a town with no less than 6 locations that kept me supplied with really, really good ice cream I haven’t had an easy time adjusting. Just ask Adam, he’ll tell you how much I whined about it.
But last night that all changed. Last night, while driving home from a grocery run I saw something, something that has changed my life, something that made me scream “OH MY GOD!” and grab Adam’s leg, and nearly scare him into a heart attack while he was driving…
Apparently they’re testing the market across the country and only four Tim Horton’s in Alberta have Cold Stone ice cream. It’s miraculous that Medicine Hat got one, as opposed to Lethbridge, miraculous and wonderful!
I nearly cried I was so happy.
No, I am not exaggerating.
That is how desperate the ice cream situation has been in this town.
I almost cried.
And today I had a “Love It” sized bowl of cake batter ice cream with yellow cake, sprinkles, and M&Ms mix-ins. It was probably enough calories to fuel Michael Phelps for a day. But it was worth it, I say! Worth. it. YUM.
I had a sample bite of the key lime {which was fantastic by the way}, and next time I think I’ll have to sample the coffee and the chocolate flavors. And herein lies the problem with Cold Stone. There are over 11.5 million possible flavor combinations from which to choose {that’s the actual mathematical statistic, not hyperbole}. People, I am the Queen of Indecisiveness. I could very well end up spending more time trying to decide what flavor to get than I do eating it. But it’s ok. I’m not complaining. I am celebrating because LIFE IS SO MUCH BETTER NOW because I have omgit’ssofreakin’yummy ice cream that isn’t 3 hours away!
My wallet and my waistline are cowering in fear.

3 Responses to Ice {Cream} Ice {Cream}, Baby!

  • Oh, I am so happy for you that you found some great ice cream. We are going to Cold Stone this week as a treat since we are on a staycation. It is hard to choose though when there are so many flavors. I had lemon last Tuesday which was very good! It’s the first time I ever tried that flavor ice cream.

  • Anonymous says:

    Too bad the wallet and waistline can’t switch which is getting smaller and which is getting bigger!


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