Please Mister Postman


Hmmm…what’s this? Envelopes? A marker?
toy mail craft project
Not just any envelopes, not just any marker…
toy mail craft projectDear readers, THESE are special play letters! That marker is a wet erase marker. And those envelopes are laminated. That means hours of fun imaginary play and, someday, practice for printing and addressing letters!
How did I make them? It was easy-peasy. I took some small, colorful note cards and envelopes I had lying around, added a few US stamps leftover from before we moved to Canada {and a few 2 cent Canadian stamps} then took ‘em over to Staples and asked for their sturdiest laminating job. While I was there I picked up some wet erase markers. And that’s all it took. Now, I’ve seen some pretty adorable felt play mail. But I like my way for two reasons:

  1. This mail can be addressed, cleaned off, and addressed again and again and again and again. How fun is that?
  2. My way was eeeeeeeaaaaaasy {no sewing}!

Why did I make them? Well, besides the obvious {hello! they’re adorable!} I made them because of this:
toy mail box mailbox play
How cute is this play mailbox? I’ll tell you. WAAAAAY cute!
It’s the perfect size for Lucy. And while it is pretty dang cute that she hides her toy chickens inside it I thought it was high time she had some proper mail to go in it.toy mail box mailbox play
It’s got a working door, and a working flag {that way the mail carrier won’t miss your outgoing mail – too bad Canadian mail carriers don’t seem to pick up outgoing mail. We have to drop it off at the Post Office, but I digress}.
I loaded all the letters in the box and closed it up. Lucy was immediately curious.
 toy mail box mailbox play toy mail box mailbox play

{Awww…my poor baby got a boo-boo a few days ago, right under her nose.}toy mail box mailbox play

I think she digs it. Were I to do it again I’d use slightly smaller envelopes. These just barely fit inside the mailbox. But it’s all good. I love them. And I love the mailbox. It even came with a few white stickers for writing an address or name. See Lucy’s name there on the side? I’m pretty much in love with how cute this toy is. I’m considering making a play house for Lucy just to go with it. Admit it. You love it too. You’re jealous…on behalf of your kid of course. ;)
Well, guess what.
One of you is getting one.
For free.
That’s right folks. I’m doing a giveaway, this week, compliments of CSN Stores*. So don’t miss it {it will be a separate post}! Closed.

*CSN stores provided me with the toy mailbox for the purposes of reviewing it. However  I had a wide variety of choices in toy to review and I personally wanted the mailbox for Lucy. Just FYI.

14 Responses to Please Mister Postman

  • Heather says:

    Ok, so that is sooo seriously the cutest thing ever! Makes me want to have a baby…

    er, well. At least it makes me want to laminate things!

    Well done!

  • Courtney says:

    So cute! My kids love looking in the mail (and tearing it up) but this is a great idea. After your adorable bow holder yesterday and these letters, I am going to have to hit the craft store.

  • i was home schooled for a year in 4th grade. to get me and my brothers interested in schoolwork my mum took some of our treasure trolls. we soon received a letter from the head treasure troll telling us they had gone on a expedition. Over the next year we received a letter each day with their expedition updates on plants, animals, locations, situations and missions they were on. the letters also included questions that encouraged us to help them by solving math problems (involving their supplies etc), researching science, history or writing letters for them. It was probably the most fun learning i ever had and my brothers and i learned so much. lucy might get a kick out of such a thing even if it’s simplified for her age. like a favorite stuffed animal going to grandmas (or hidden in a closet) and writing her letters about abc’s and numbers.

  • I am stealing this idea for sure! I am also stealing Elizabeth’s Mum’s idea too (commenter number 4). So cool. I am so glad I don’t feel obliged to sew up all those felt ones now…

  • bethanybob says:

    I know you’re in Canada (and old post is old), but how much did the laminating job cost you?

    I tried talking bf into buying a laminator that was on a special Amazon sale. He wouldn’t go for it. And now I’m sad I didn’t get it.

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