Open Letter To UHEAA

{Note: UHEAA is the Utah Higher Education Assistance Authority aka The Masters of My Student Loan Debt}.

Thank you for you recent letter informing me that my first student loan payment is due. I’m glad to see that your employees are in fact capable of using the US Postal Service. After they never sent the forbearance application as promised {you know, the form that would have kept this payment from being due in the first place?} I was worried they didn’t know how to send mail.
I must say, I’m a bit baffled. You see, the bill you sent says very clearly that you only except checks from US Banks. In case you didn’t notice my address when you sent me the bill, I’m in Canada {that’s the country above the United States}. I have a Canadian bank account {because it would be highly inconvenient to drive 4-plus hours and cross the border every time I need to do my banking}. So you surely understand why I called you today to ask what I should do.
And just FYI, “figure it out” is a really crappy answer to provide to someone who is trying to give you money. After all, why do you think I called in the first place? Could it be because I’m trying to “figure it out?” If you won’t take a credit card, and you won’t take a Canadian check maybe YOU ought to figure out what payment you will accept. Because I’m not about to pay for a money order if you’re not able to guarantee you will accept it.
In closing, thanks for nothing.
Holly The-Woman-Who-Is-Trying-To-Give-You-Money-That-You-Won’t-Take-From-Her Shumate
{Dear Readers: I’m a bit frustrated today. Can you tell?}

16 Responses to Open Letter To UHEAA

  • Would they accept a check or transfer from an online account from a bank that is based in the US? Did that make sense? I was thinking there might be a way to pay them with PayPal or Netbank (Are they still in existence?) or ING? Just a thought. I’m sure that’ll probably end in the same lovely circle as your first call, but it might be worth a try.

  • Insanitykim says:

    Man, it’s a wonder colleges are even up and running…send it all in American Nickles, and send it in bottles for recycling. That’s what I would do.

  • Jes Cady says:

    I’m right there with you. I tried to make a first payment on my grad school loan and in all the communications I received I was suggested to pay online. When I visited the website (to PAY ONLINE), the website clearly stated that it does not accept credit card payments. So I have to set up a pay pal account or something to pay the loan. WHAT? You have to be kidding me? They make it really easy to get the loan but terribly inconvenient to pay the stupid thing back.

    Whew! I feel better. Thanks for letting me vent.

  • Wow!! What a bunch of morons!!! Have you ever realized that you find the most inept people working in customer service?! Here you are trying to give them money and they are being dumb. Ridiculous!!!! Best of luck getting through to someone with the slightest bit of sense.

  • Sabreena says:

    How stupid could a loan company be? You want money, she wants to give you money end of problem right? I would collect the required payment in loose change then place it in a big evelope and send it to them. I know the postage might suck but the reaction would be priceless. If anything you would get them to respond so yopu could work it out appropriatley. Good Luck!

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