Today I was going to post about something entirely unimportant in the grand scheme of things. But I think everyone will understand why I’ve postponed that post.
CNN has reported that hundreds of thousands of people have died in Haiti. Hundreds of thousands.
I don’t even have one thousand real life friends and family members. I cannot fathom that number and the suffering and grief it represents.
A hospital collapsed. A hospital.
Homes, gone.
Today I sit in my nice apartment. I have power. I have clean, running water. I am enjoying the company of my child who is safe, and healthy. And later, we will have lunch and I will have my choice of a wide variety of food.
I am rich.
I live a life of peace and luxury.
We donated last night to the Red Cross. There are many organizations pleading for help. Please, don’t pray, pay.
Even if all you can give is a dollar, that dollar matters. It matters a lot. A dollar might not buy a cup of coffee where you live, but in this situation a dollar is powerful.
Do what you can.
And tonight, hug your family. Enjoy them.
We are all rich.

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