You’d Better Not Pout, You’d Better Not Cry

Last year we were so busy adjusting to the whole “OMG-we’re-parents-now-and-we-have-a-tiny-newborn-blob-who-needs-our-constant-care-and-attention-thing” that we never took our itty-bitty Lucy to see Santa. This year I was NOT going to miss taking her to see the big guy.
She was less than impressed.

Hmmm…what if she has a candy cane to play with?
“Here, Mrs. Claus, you try!”


“Hey Dad! What if you try holding her?”


Yeeeaaaah…not so much.

Oh well, at least I got funny pictures instead of no pictures. I will have you note Lucy’s outfit. It’s not bad…but it’s also NOT the Christmas dress I ordered for her in OCTOBER that STILL ISN’T HERE. Yeah, Mama is very angry about this dress debacle. I ordered Lucy an adorable dress with holly fabric and a sparkly red sash at the end of October. I paid for it November 2nd. I finally messaged the seller a while back to ask where it was. She hadn’t even started making it. If it’s not here today I’m asking for a refund. It’s not like I can save the HOLLY-THEMED dress for Easter {if it would even still fit}. /rant
Come back tomorrow for more photos for the December Photo Challenge {and to find out if “THE DRESS” arrived or not}!
And don’t miss NORAD’s Santa tracking website!

3 Responses to You’d Better Not Pout, You’d Better Not Cry

  • Melodie says:

    Oh. Is that an Etsy disaster issue? I went through that last year. Outfits didn’t arrive in time to do family Xmas portraits. This year portraits idn’t happen because step son is never around. I think you have to order in October to make sure the Etsy stuff arrives on time. For me, living in Canada with lots of the shops being in the US, mail takes forever sometimes. Last year my daughter’s best gift didn’t arrive until after Xmas becaue it got stuck in customs. When it finally did arrive the box was full of little holes. I guess they were checking it for drugs??? My daughter’s toys got holes in them though. I was NOT happy.

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