Begging, Bribing, and Blackmailing

Wow! That’s some endorsement! THOMAS JEFFERSON says you should vote for me. And who are YOU to argue with Thomas Jefferson?! Also, the Yeti hat will eat you if you don’t vote for me.
The polls close tomorrow at noon! So please, if you haven’t yet, go vote for me! I’ll give you 1,000 internet points,* and a position in my cabinet when I’m elected Supreme Ruler of the World, and I’ll love you forever and ever whether you want me to or not. Please? *puppy dog eyes*
Seriously though, go vote. Tell your friends to vote. I will do a dorky, happy dance and post it on the Internet if I win.
So, if you’d like to see me embarrass myself for the whole world to see…GO VOTE for “Adventures in Babywearing!”
PS: Please vote for me.
PPS: I’ll tell your husband about how you threw away his favorite, old T-shirt if you don’t vote for me.
PPPS: OK. I won’t actually tell.
PPPPS: Yes I will.
PPPPPS: This is getting ridiculous. Just go vote for me already!
*Internet points have a value of $0.00 and are just something I made up.

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