Project Purge


I’m sick of stuff.

I live in a 4 bedroom townhouse. 2 of those rooms are devoted almost solely to storage, as is the main area of the basement.

That. is. ridiculous.

3 people do not need this much space, or stuff. And most of it is mine. I’m tired of it all. I’m tired of not knowing what I have and where things are. I’m tired of holding onto things I never ever use because I cared about them at one time or because I think I might use them someday.

I want to simplify, radically.

So that’s what I’m going to do. I am going to be selling, donating, gifting, and throwing away as much of my stuff as possible {and maybe even doing some blog giveaways}. If I’m not using these things they should go to someone who will. You can follow my efforts on Twitter under the hashtag #projectpurge {and feel free to join in}! And I’ll try to post updates here on Domestic Dork as well.

This is going to be all kinds of awesome.

And all kinds of hard.


Am I crazy?

Probably. But at least I’ll know I wasn’t driven crazy by having too much stuff!


8 Responses to Project Purge

  • Lisa says:

    We just moved into a 3 bedroom townhouse from a 2 bedroom apartment. One of the big reasons we moved(besides 3 kids & nowhere for them to play)was lack of space due to stuff. We stuffed a 3 bedroom worth of stuff in when we moved in & every year/new child we got even more. I tossed/donated 20 big garbage bags worth of stuff when I was pregnant. It still took a 16′ moving truck 2 trips to move our stuff. & my husband had already made *3* trips with a cargo van. We have a lot of stuff. And I know we can get rid of a bunch of it. The kids do not need almost an entire room of toys they mostly never play with, for example.

  • Harmony says:

    Oh man I love to purge, stuff!!! It’s one of my favorite bi yearly activities. I move everything in question to the garage throughout the year to see if I can live without it, if the thing in question has to come back into the house then I keep it if not it goes to the donation center. Good Luck and have fun!

  • imemary says:

    It feels really good to go through your stuff and throw away non-essential things. I’m a big fan of not having a whole lot of useless junk lying around. So far so good.

  • I love to purge too. My hubby on the other hand thinks that “we’ll use it someday…” It’s just the two of us and we live in a 4 BR home. I have to take secret trips to Goodwill and the consignment shop otherwise I’d never get rid of the stuff.

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