SITScation ‘09 Contest! I Need YOUR Help!

UPDATE #2: Whrrl is working on finding a way to make me eligible! So VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!

UPDATE: Remind me to read the fine print BEFORE I spend all morning working on an entry for a contest. Whrrl and SITS are showing NO LOVE for Canadian Residents. I am INELIGIBLE to win. :( But you know, I’m leaving up the link above because I spent all morning working on my entry and I can’t bear to take it down just yet. I’m sick today, and this was the one thing I was feeling good about. I felt like I had a decent chance at winning (especially as I was checking out some of the competition). Now, and I know it’s sill:y, but now I just wanna curl up and cry and sleep and not be sick.

I’m a big fan of SITS {The Secret is in the Sauce}. It’s a community of bloggers sharing comment love. And it’s done wonders for the traffic and comments on my blog. They’re hosting a conference {SITScation} in fabulous Las Vegas this October and it’s SOLD OUT {not that I could afford to go}.

However…today they announced how to win a trip (including airfare!) to SITScation!

I’ve already completed my entry. But now I need YOUR help. Please watch my Whrrl story (above). Once you get all the way to the end there will be an option that says “I Like It.” PLEASE click it! I need your votes to win!!! And please ask your friends and family to do the same!

It would mean the world to me if I could go to this conference and become a better blogger.

And I promise to try not to end up in any emergency rooms.


3 Responses to SITScation ‘09 Contest! I Need YOUR Help!

  • I LOVE the story. It totally deserves to win – too bad they’re cold-shouldering the Canadians!

    Maybe some rich benefactor will take pity and sponsor you? That’d be awesome. But then I’d be pretty jealous. So you’d have to convince said benefactor that you needed a guardian to come along … i.e., myself. :)

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