Guest Post! “Pooptastic, Pooperiffic! The Adventures of Solid Wastes.”

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You know you’re a mom when you begin to obsess about poop–that’s right, the color, the texture, the frequency, the smell, the consistency.

Bringing your wee bundle home from the hospital means that you, as a freshly squeezed parent, must begin the many tasks of your baby’s care–bathing, feeding, soothing and, of course, changing. And, interestingly enough, it’s the changing part–the poop part–that often gets the most attention from pediatricians and therefore, moms too.

Why all of this poop quandary? Well, because changes in your baby’s poop can be an important signal, not to be missed, that something has gone awry with your baby’s well being.

So, the parental poop-i-scope focuses it’s lens on every diaper removed from your baby’s buns throughout infancy . . . and then the feeding of solid food begins and everything changes. Radically. Every sign of hazard you had been trained to spot becomes the new norm–green poop, speckled poop, stiff poop, dry poop, and the most worrisome . . . no poop.

My little Noah Finn was a regular pooper–he pooped three to four times a day when he was strictly breast feeding. But the recent introduction of solids has given his digestive system a run for it’s a money, a kink in the cords, a cog in it’s wheel. And the result? Poop has once again become a household fascination and dinnertime talk topic as my husband and I frequently ask one another, “Has Noah pooped today?”, “What did it look like?”, and so on.

Now, the poor little guy has harrowing three and sometimes four day lapses between those blessed movements of the bowels. And when those moments of relief finally come, it aint’ pretty. It’s a day full of grunting, straining and red-faced pushing that results in many, many dirty diapers. Needless to say, on those days we are scrubbing diapers until sunrise.

We have increased his water intake and have introduced plum and prune puree and flax seed oil into his diet–just until his plumbing acclimates. It seems to help so far, and so has feeding solids with regularity–the more solids he eats, the more “regular” he becomes.

So the lesson here is, beware new parents and parents who are slated to soon be experimenting with solids. They’re lots of fun going in, it’s just the coming out part that really stinks.

6 Responses to Guest Post! “Pooptastic, Pooperiffic! The Adventures of Solid Wastes.”

  • Ha ha! I love the closing line of this post!

    It’s amazing, how once you’re a parent, you talk about pee, poop, bums, etc. soooooo much! Lucy is just starting to experiment with solids so we’re embarking on a new poop journey!

    Thanks for the guest post!

  • Great post! Mine’s 3 now but booooy do I remember those days. I never let her go more then three days though because she was miserable. Not recommended for frequent use but taking a rectal temperature always helped when she kept pushing but wasn’t getting any where.

    No worries though! This too shall pass. :)

  • Patty Reiser says:

    Wonderful post. I remember the days. My son is now 6 and there are times when he comes to tell us about his poops. And we wonder why they are so interested in poop. Because we were once so interested in their poop. LOL

  • Rosanna =) says:

    Oh my! Fin is exclusively breastfed and he sometimes goes a few days without pooping and then BAM! While reading your post I worried that he’d have serious pooping issues, or lack of pooping issues but Lolly’s comment reassured me!

    Great post Joni!

  • MommyBrain says:

    Now I am entering into the poopies in the potty phase … just like when changing a diaper, I can’t help but look … gotta make sure everything’s coming out alright ;)

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