Weird Foods

I tried tamarinds this week for 101 in 1001. They came in a box from the produce section. And they look like, well…they look like turds.

tamarind 001 tamarind 004 tamarind 005 tamarind 006 tamarind 007

They have to be removed from their shell and have little stringy things that have to be removed (neither of which is difficult to do) and they have seeds. They taste like a cross between a date and an apricot, or at least, that’s the best way I can describe them. I don’t really feel strongly for or against them. They’re not bad, but it’s easier to just eat dates (which look a little less like turds). Though, I do think they’d make a great substitute for Tootsie Rolls in this cake recipe*. If you want to try them here are simple instructions on eating tamarinds.

Would you eat a food that looks like something the neighbour’s cat left in your garden?


*I made a cake like this for a friend’s birthday once {complete with box and litter scoop (new) to serve it}. It was AWE.SOME.

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