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My house is not the only thing I have a hard time keeping clean. My ears’ wax factories have been producing more wax than a bee on steroids. Seriously. I could not keep up. I had even committed the cardinal sin of ear care (never use Q-Tips). But it hadn’t helped. So I decided it was time to declare war and I bought some Murine.

wax drops

I dutifully read the instructions, and enlisted Bear’s help (because I can’t see my own ear to see what I’m doing). In went the drops and…

GAAHHH! IT’S FIZZING!!! I can hear it fizzing!!! I didn’t know it was going to fizz!

My sane hubby tried to calm me down, which elicited the following violent outburst as I frantically squirted water in my ear:

It’s MY ear! It’s MY hearing! I CAN HEAR IT FIZZING!

To which he responded:

Do you really think they’d sell a product that could make you go deaf?

I responded with silence, the I’m-angry-but-I-know-you’re-probably-right kind of silence; the I-can’t-think-of-anything-to-say-without-looking-like-an-irrational-jerk-so-I’m-going-to-be-a-silent-irrational-jerk kind of silence.

That was several hours ago. We’ve moved on. I’m calm again. He’s graciously avoided ridiculing me (no matter how well deserved) for my outburst. Everything is peachy-keen.

Except that my ear still isn’t clean.


PS- What do you think I should do now?

18 Responses to TMI

  • Crystal HW says:

    It is fizzing because that is the wax absorbing the stuff, and the air being replaced by Murine is the fizzing or popping as I call it. I would try it again. Now that you know what to expect, it shouldn’t surprise you. I have to use that stuff every fall, when my ears do the exact same thing! I have even had to go to te dr a couple times in my life for it.

    Whatever you do, best of luck

  • Nerdy Jess says:

    I have this problem and went to the doc to get my cleaned out. When they get it all done and pull the nastiest out, mother of pearl: its the awesomesauce! Best.feeling.ever

  • …and i just read your interview. it was good. its nice to know that i’m not the only one who doesn’t receive cable or conventional tv. in college i didn’t have tv and liked it so much. it really is an excellent decision, plus it makes you feel as if your time is your own. many people make plans around their favorite shows. it’s very restrictive.

  • Jen says:

    Visiting from SITs, great blog. Have you heard of ear candles? I have used them on myself and my kids with lots of success.

  • Holly Noelle says:

    I have heard of ear candles (I used to work in a health food store). But family member of mine never had any success with them so I’ve remained a skeptic. Though, at this point I’m ready to reevaluate that doubt!

  • Came over from SITS. I hope your ear is cleared up soon! I remember once long ago, BOTH of my ears were so plugged up I pretty much couldn’t hear for days. I was working in a Cafe then, and had to take orders, somehow I could make out what they wanted, and no one ever knew. I finally did go to the Dr and got meds to help clear it up. But I remember me and my Dad trying to clean them out w/Qtips! I think it made the situation worse.

  • TurtlePress says:

    Hope you’re feeling better soon! While I sympathize for you and your ears, this post cracked me up! I agree with the other last comment -try again – the swimmer’s ear stuff does the same thing.

  • ladyfi says:

    Poor you! My ear wax could build its own Wax Museum… Try softening up the wax with olive oil overnight before using the drops.

    Or try Hopi Ear Candling… they burn a candle over your ear and it sucks up all the wax. Non-intrusive and it really worked for me!

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