Road Trip Tips from Lucy

Hello! Mama and Daddy took me on a long road trip this past weekend. I learned a few things about long car rides that I’d like to share. Here are my four most important tips.

First: If you can’t reach the gas pedal or brakes you should delegate the driving to someone else. I chose Daddy.

Second: Don’t forget to bring sunglasses. It’s hard to watch the scenery go by if you have to squint.

Third: Napping is acceptable for passengers, but only if you can sleep without unbuckling your seat belt.

Fourth: traveling with a buddy makes the trip more pleasant.

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{Here’s the explanation for the last picture: On the last leg of the trip Lucy was inconsolable. She was fed and clean but I think she was just tired of being in the car. Anyway…I could tell she was tired but she would not sleep. So I was playing with her, trying to get her to stop crying. As soon as I put her bunny on her face during a game of Peek-a-boo she stopped crying and soon went to sleep.}

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