Final Initiation

Well, now that I’m an official permanent resident of Canada it seems I’m seeing its true color. And that color is white.

It’s June, people! JUNE! Last June we were boiling alive. This June? Not so much. Truly, this is the “Great White North.”

On an unrelated note: You may have noticed that I made no post yesterday. Friday is Saturday around here. And by that I mean that Friday is Adam’s day off. I’m not planning on making posts on Fridays. But I am making an effort to post the other 6 days of the week. So there should be plenty for you all to read (and tell your friends and family to read*).

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*What? Too shameless? It’s kind of hard to maintain any shame when fishing for readers.

3 Responses to Final Initiation

  • i cannot believe it snowing there right now!!

    to answer your q on my blog:

    holly – i think the thing my eating is that i eat small(er) portions, but i eat all the freaking time, and i think the blog reflects that! i would rather have a small lunch and then get to eat two afternoon snacks AND a third afternoon snack and a smaller dinner. i LIKE to eat and i’ve figured out i can maintain a lower weight if i just eat smaller portions all the time. LOL. so, i guess to answer your question, NO — my meals don’t “fill me up” but thats OK because odds are, i’m eating again in two hours! some people thrive with three square meals, i would find it tortorous!

    just an FYI on most days i take in between 1700 – 2200 calories. longer workout days obvi require more fuel (like 700 calories more), but i’m eating cookies right now so i think i’m good :) lol

  • KC says:

    Snow in June! I often think about how much I miss the snow (it never snows here and I used to live in the northeastern U.S.) But in June? I wouldn’t want that.

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