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Remember that reverence book I was going to make? Well, obviously, my plans for the content have changed somewhat. I’m making it into a kid-friendly photo album. Lucy’s extended family is spread all over Canada and the USA so it’s important to me that I teach her who they are and this little book is how to do it! It’s still a work in progress as I’m still gathering up-to-date pictures of everyone (all seven of Adam’s siblings and their families, my siblings, etc.). But I’m enjoying working on it. And Lucy already likes looking at the faces and fun colors.

the cover

the first page

It’s easy to do. Just cut pretty scrap paper to fit the album and cut around the people in the photo. Then print and cut labels and slide those into the opposite page. I got my font here. There are more great free fonts here. If you want to get really fancy you can use stickers and similar scrapbook embellishments. But I don’t have that kind of money to spend on super pricey scrapbook supplies!

This past weekend I picked up a whole bunch of these little “brag books.” They were on clearance for seventy-nine cents each at Micheal’s. So far my plans include a book of great works of art, an animal alphabet book, a daily routine book, and more.

But here’s the photo project I’m most proud of today:

Here’s a close-up.:

In case you couldn’t tell, that’s one of Lucy’s ultrasound pictures (or a photocopy of one anyway). I got the snow globe frame as a favor from a winter dance in high school. Until today I had a very outdated picture of a nephew and niece in it. I had been wanting to put something else in it for a long time. And then today it struck me as superbly appropriate to put a picture of Lucy in the womb inside the watery, womb-like snow globe. If you want to have your own you can get a frame here.

What fun projects do you like to do with family photos?

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One Response to Photo Projects

  • CrystalHW says:

    I use the brag books for so many things..including one with just family pictures in it so Samantha can know all her family too. They work so well, eh!

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