Like Mother Like Daughter

It’s never too early to start a blogging career. So, without further ado, here’s Lucy!

Hi! My name is Lucy! This is my very first blog post. Mama is blogging all the time, even while feeding me. Now it’s my turn!

On Sunday Daddy and Mama took me to the MS Walk. My Grandma has MS. That’s why Mama does the walk. {Hi Grandma!} Mama raised $232 for the MS Society. She wanted to raise a lot more. But I think $232 is a LOT. I won’t even be able to count that high for a really, really long time!

I had the map so I got to be the navigator for the walk.

Am I going to be as weird as Daddy when I grow up?

Daddy and Mama thought this was really funny. They said something like “Canada has an awfully small Navy!” I don’t get it.

I liked the MS Walk! Walks make great nap times!

Today I got a package in the mail! Mama says she and Daddy picked out this special new friend for me! It’s a bright orange bunny! Mama wants to name it Frida. Daddy wants to name it Mr. Bugglesworth. I want to stick it in my mouth. Mama says my bunny is “Fair Trade.” But I don’t think it’s fair to trade my bunny! I really like my new friend. I can grab my bunny easily and the color is pretty! For some reason Mama got really excited about the catalog that came in the box. I guess she really likes the store my bunny came from. Grown ups get excited about weird stuff.

I’m really grateful Mama and Daddy gave me my bunny. But I still wish they’d let me play with that camera!

Well, that does it for my first blog post. I don’t get what the fuss is about. I’d rather roll around on the floor.

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