Dental Drama – Part 1


BIG sigh

I’m going to the dentist in about a half hour.

Know why?

Because I have a cavity. And not it’s not just any old cavity. As best as I can tell it is a massive hole which is going to cost an arm and a leg to be changed from “hole” to “whole.” And dental is not covered by Alberta Health. However the insurance Adam is required to get while a student at Medicine Hat College does cover dental. Except that it does not cover me because we didn’t want to pay the full year price for part year coverage and that was the only option available. We wanted to save our money and wait until we’d get the full year. Gee, that worked out well. *rolls eyes at own foolishness*

So, here I sit, trying to ignore the growing sense of dread and attempting to distract myself as the clock ticks down to my appointment time. Obviously, not working.

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