Uncles Rock

I kind of idolized my uncle when I was a kid (the man built a sort of go-cart out of lawn mower parts…what kind of kid wouldn’t idolize him?). I think, generally, that kids like their uncles (they’re just so much cooler than mom and dad or something like that). Well, Lucy isn’t quite old enough to appreciate her Uncle Jared (though she eventually started making eye contact with him) but we sure appreciate him!

He got in to Medicine Hat Sunday afternoon and left this morning. Frankly, the visit was too short for our taste. It was fun talking, going for a walk in the coulee, watching Firefly, listening to him jam on his unbelievably gorgeous guitar (the one he made) and just hanging out with him.

Sunday night he took us to the local Mongolian grill. So yummy!

Yesterday he made pizza.

Now, let me explain something. Jared cooks. Jared cooks very, very well. When we were in Kingston for Christmas/our wedding and he was there he made this unbelievable seafood curry (with lobster)! Ever since then I’ve been looking forward to an opportunity to have him cook something for us again. So you should understand that this was no ordinary pizza.

When we make pizza we use canned spaghetti sauce.

When Jared makes pizza he makes a sauce himself with white wine, diced tomatoes, fresh garlic, and, I’m pretty sure, magical fairy dust because it smells and tastes so good there’s no way a mere mortal makes it without some sort of supernatural assistance.

When we make pizza we use mozzarella.

When Jared makes a pizza he uses mozzarella…and goat cheese! And can I just say that I now LOVE goat cheese?

When we make a pizza it turns out OK.

When Jared makes a pizza it turns out like something you’d get in a snooty restaurant staffed by supernal chefs who spent 7 years developing the perfect pizza pie.

It was awesome.

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