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If you’re wondering why I haven’t been posting, it’s because until recently, not all my in-laws were aware that ManDork and I split up. I didn’t really have anything I could blog about that wouldn’t necessitate explaining that we’ve separated and I didn’t want anybody finding out from a blog post or second-hand from somebody else who saw the blog.

I, for once, am at a loss for words. I don’t know how to even begin writing about this. And I’ve been so busy adjusting to all the changes in the last month (separating, moving, oh..and FINALLY GETTING A PUPPY!) that I haven’t had the time to devote to figuring out those words. But I’ll share more as I find ways to say what’s in my heart and on my mind.

In the meantime…


Hello Winner!

Mercedes was randomly selected as the recipient of the Valentine’s dashboard! Congrats! I’ve e-mailed you to get your mailing address!

Erin Condren Life Planner Valentine Dashboard Winner

Valentine’s Gift Ideas for The Planner Addict

In years past I have occasionally done gift guides in the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day {gifts for the Geek in your life, and more gifts for geeks + gifts for coffee lovers}. Everybody seems to enjoy getting Valentines gift ideas and I have so much fun putting them together that I wanted to do some more this year! To kick things off, I’m starting with a list of items *I* certainly wouldn’t mind receiving {as I am maybe a little too in love with my planner}. All right, enough with the intro nobody wants to read anyway…ON TO THE GOODIES!

1. REALLY awesome pens.

Frixion Erasable Pens Markers Highlighters

I’ve reviewed pens in the past. But this year I was introduced to the Frixion line and now all my other pens are jealousy collecting dust. Frixion is a line of pens (and markers! and highlighters!) that erase. No, I mean it. They really erase. These are not like those “erasable” pens you had in middle school that really weren’t erasable. I do find some colors erase less well than others {I’m looking at you, Purple} but even then, miles better than any erasable pen I’ve ever used in the past. If you’re in the US I highly recommend JetPens for their awesome selection {though you’re welcome to order them on Amazon and support this blog}. If you’re in Canada you can order them on {that link takes you to my Amazon store with several Frixion selections already organized for you} or you could get them from  For a while, you can snag some of the pens in stores at Target. I’ve also spotted them at London Drugs. Jetpens shipping to Canada hurts a bit, but the prices seem to generally be better than and the selection is amazing!


Etsy stickers! Sticker paper for DIY stickers {Canadians get it here}! Erin Condren Stickers {under “accessories”}! Stickers from the craft store {don’t forget to use the coupons in the Michael’s app}! SO MANY STICKERS! STICKERSSSSSSSS.

How To Organize Your Stickers

And maybe a binder {Canada} and baseball card protector sheets {Canada} to keep them all organized.

3. Washi!

iluvdesign, zakkalover, ChaoticStationary, and WashiTapeLove on Etsy have great selections. In stores you can find washi (also known as “paper tape”) at craft stores, office supply stores, and big box stores like Target and Walmart.

Why does the planner addict in your life need washi?

Exhibit A:

Washi Tape Decoration for Erin Condren Life Planner

4. Functional Stamps!

I have some of the Studio L2E stamps (see above picture).  I also have some of the Heidi Swapp Minis and a Teresa Collins set I picked up at Michaels. But you might also want to check out Sweet Stamp Shop, Pink and Main, or Waffle Flower. I like the VersaMagic Dewdrops for stamping ink. I’ve got them in the planner accessories section of my Amazon and stores.


5. A Good Old-Fashioned Gift Card. 

Not sure what your planner addict already has then there is no shame in resorting to a gift card for Erin Condren, or your local craft store {I prefer Michaels and Joanns to Hobby Lobby}, or Etsy if your giftee is more Plum Paper Planner kinda-gal. And let’s not forget the Filofax fans!

That’s it for the Planner Addict Gift Guide. Check in this weekend to find out who won the giveaway for my Valentine’s planner dashboard! And subscribe now to ensure you don’t miss any of the other gift guides I have in the works!

My Life Is Over aka Target Is Closing

IMG_4666.JPG If you use Facebook, or…you know, the Internet at all, then you probably heard the tragic news… TARGET IS CLOSING.

Hold up Americans, don’t panic. To be more specific, Target is pulling out of Canada.

This leaves those of us who understand that beauty and wonder of Target from our time in the US with so many questions.

What will fill the giant, empty buildings? Who knows?

Why couldn’t they make it work out here? Was it because they tried to do too much, too fast? Was it because they didn’t stock all of the same merchandise as their American counterparts? Was it because Canadians’ hearts are as frozen as Canadian winters and just weren’t ready to welcome them into their lives?

How is it even possible that my shopping alone couldn’t keep them afloat? {Seriously, I was there at least two or three times a week.}

January 15th will forever be remembered as a dark day or darkness and darkitude in my life.


The universe taketh away…and the universe giveth. Another company I love from the US is finally coming to Alberta!

Thirty-One Gifts Independent Consultant Calgary Alberta

They launch here on February 10th (lucky Ontario residents have had Thirty-One for a while now). I will be first in line to sign up as a consultant AND customer so I can buy ALL THE THINGS. So much organizing is going to be happening in my house. And it’s a good thing they’re launching here SINCE I WON’T BE ABLE TO BUY CUTE PURSES AND ORGANIZERS AT TARGET ANYMORE.

Doctor Who Ten Pouting

This is basically my face when I think about Target —————————>





Are you sad about Target? Tell me in the comments.

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